Reviews for "Sprout"

Enjoyed it a lot. Got all the medals.
You have good skills in platform games. But make it more difficult next time, because it was too easy.
The rest of the game was good. I like the concept of starting like a useless pixel and then evolving and turning into something stronger.
5 stars.

Probably the graphic is the one thing that oculd have been better. Aside form that game is filled with gold.

Growing mechanic is so nice. I lvoe that trees tend to grow leaves if long enough.
Liquid mechanics although primitve works perfectly.
Exploring is always fun, it is here as well.
Controls are ok.

Ps. I think there may be chance to get stuck, be sure to add restart option.

Great little game. I would love to see a bigger, longer version of this. Newgrounds needs more games like this, and less craptacular, thrown together titles that just fill space.

GuyUngerNL responds:

You sure are a very wiseman


Really nice game. I loved the concept.