Reviews for "Sprout"

Short and simple, nicely done!

Was worried for a bit there that I'd accidentally leave a flower behind (wasn't sure where the last one was and checked out the exit in case it was that way), so I'm glad there was chance to go back.

I'd feel a lot better playing a third time, knowing the 'water-yourself-into-a-corner', and ascending up a level bug (at least 2 locations where either by jumping or jetpack freezes the game) were fixed. Otherwise I enjoyed the game a lot.

Very impressive and neat game considering this was made in just 3 days! I'm a big fan of Metroidvania games and this didn't fail to impress.

Very nice!

One annoying bug: after I got the jetpack, I flew up from map coordiantes 4,3 to 4,4 (coordinates starting at 0,0 from top left) upwards into green slime, and now I'm stuck forever, restart just makes me restart in the green slime again, cannot continue.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Yeah I'm an idiot some times..

Totally nice
I've named him Walter xD