Reviews for "Sprout"

Short and the physics are sorta clunky, but for a Ludum Dare, this is incredible! Can't believe it was made in 3 days only, this is too good.

Awesome! But issues. On the double dirt part. I pressed S for faster way out but after it. It freezes.

I enjoyed this thuroughly!
It's got a KOLM-y feel to it, what with the assembling charachters and such.
The music works well for the atmosphere and I found the plants-mechanic really interesting.

Only thing was that I had performance issues - some serious lag on the very first screen and the first one with the white dooblydrops.

Thank you for creating/sharing!

It's a nice game, but it has a some game breaking glitches. A couple I found were one in which the game froze when pouring water on one of the plants that are supposed to form a bridge but I guess it could be my flash acting like a b*tch, and one in which I jumped in a narrow space when switching screens and the little guy clipped inside a wall from which I proceeded to free myself by shooting diagonally, accidentally leaving the game map altogether and getting stuck in an infinite falling loop.
If it weren't for that I'd rate it higher, you've got a nice metroidvania going on here, I loved that even the bird creatures' feathers have some degree of physics before disappearing, and the jumping is a bit choppy but not a hinderance to the gameplay. Good job!

I like the idea of obtaining "body parts" throughout the game and i LOVE how you did all the liquid particles and stuff. I was a bit lost on what to do on the first try, but on my second try i just went wherever I could go and it was all good.
Besides that yeah, there's a massive bug with the plant growing (which would be awesome if it was fixed). I got stuck on that so that kind of ate away your stars.
Did you make all the pictures/music by yourself? Amazing!