Reviews for "Sprout"

For a 72 hours game, it isn't that bad. Would like to see an improved version

I'm a huge fan of the Metroid series and this definitely had the spirit (and soundtrack) i know and love.

i was upset that it was so short but it was damn satisfying. i really, really look forward to a follow-up!

of course the game was a litte rough around the edges but it goes to show you what a rich idea can bear vs polished graphics. and for 72 hours, it kicks ass.


Very nice game, I love the concept behind the puzzle and your great use of space making the areas interesting twice. I did experience some serious lag when I held down the jetpack too long I’m assuming this is because all the extra sprites that were drawn. I also had several issues with the jumping as it was very unpolished but for a 72 hour game it is very well designed. Good job!

Like the game concept...^_^ i wish there was a plushie for the main character xD :3

there is an area you can wallclimb up at right/downside of the starting position. the chasm has small platform in the middle that allows you to move from left side to right and thus evade the acid pool at the bottom. you can however wallclimb same chasm as well. too bad that once you hit top of the chasm it moves up, and that said chasm has new acid pool on new screen, killing you isntantly. due of the game respawn mechanics you are indeffinitelly stuck in die-respawn loop forever.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Yeah, pretty stupid right? lol