Reviews for "Sprout"

quick,pretty easy.lots to explore, very fun! one odd thing , i found all eight flowers, it said so in the game, but i didn't get the medals for flowers 2,3 and 4. strange.

GuyUngerNL responds:

That is odd, sorry bout that
Glad you enjoyed :)

Nice game, a bit rough to the eye (resolution/animation?) and can't say it's an original idea to gain abilities, but the physics were good + I liked the simple design. There were some places where I couldn't jump but was np, just went a bit further and things got fixed.
Anyway awesome job for 72h! Well done! :)

Yooo, fresh beans!
In the beginning, I thought the blob was a glitch, and the jump mapping didn't work, but BOY OH BOY was I proven wrong.
The blob is adorable, I enjoyed the music. Somehow, you managed to design the level lay out in a fashion that always lead me to the right spot, even if I got lost. The upgrades also were well done, imo, since their placement forced to get somewhat familiar with the map.
Room for improvement:
-The "R for Restart" prompt does not always need to be in the UI, especially not if it blocks out the lower part of the screen (where exits to other rooms are that I may not want to accidentally fall into). Perhaps put it up in a corner with a symbol, so that it takes up less space.
- Why jetpack only at the end? TT__TT He could have used it for some tasks before uh "the end".

Questions: What did the flowers or the white-energy trafos do?

GuyUngerNL responds:

Hey Berenique,
Thanks for the review, glad you like the game!
I agree with the "R to restart" thing, I was worried that some players might lock themselves up with the growing plant and not know how to continue playing.
I wish I had time to make some cool jet-pack levels, but the 72 wasn't enough for me..
The white energy powers the engine things that open doors (I suspected that to be unclear)
And collecting all flowers gives you the jet-pack ;)