Reviews for "Sprout"

Great game, love the graphics and evolution of the character. But I had a bug where there was a room with a flower seed in it, but whenever I entered it instantly pushed me into the room before it. Not letting me complete the game.

Nice Game. With some Story, more INstuctions, Voices? it could be 5Stars..

Enjoyed it a lot. Got all the medals.
You have good skills in platform games. But make it more difficult next time, because it was too easy.
The rest of the game was good. I like the concept of starting like a useless pixel and then evolving and turning into something stronger.
5 stars.

Short, simple; creative exploration fun! I like how you figure out the goal as you go, how the controls are built as you build your character, and how you're free to imagine exactly what you want to as the premises for the story.The music contributes with the mood. Real fun little gem to play, not too long and not too challenging. Noticed the 'find something to escape the island message' wasn't aligned, but apart from that: it's all great! Grand adventure.


This is amazing! The first room lagged for me but the rest of the game is fantastic!! I also froze the game for growing too many branches. XD

GuyUngerNL responds:

I am a bad, bad programmer
Glad you enjoyed it tho! ^^