Reviews for "Sprout"

Not bad. More evolutions would make the game better. AS the game itself, i give it 5 stars but the animations could get worked on. It was made in 72 hours after all.

This is a cool game! Apparently there's a-holes on the lose giving everyone the f-bombs.

Pretty sick game. I would say put a lot more work into it and give it more visuals and what not.

Game is really awesome. The game could have only be a better one if it had more evolutions and a bigger map. A problem that I found within the game were the "moving animations", with the smoke at running being bothering and the small pieces of "I don't know" when you're as a ball.

Still, it's an awesome game, reason why I give this game 5 stars, comparing it with the time it was made in.

GuyUngerNL responds:

About the "moving animations" is a really useful suggestion you point out there, something I didn't take a critical look at myself.
Thanks for the review!

Probably the graphic is the one thing that oculd have been better. Aside form that game is filled with gold.

Growing mechanic is so nice. I lvoe that trees tend to grow leaves if long enough.
Liquid mechanics although primitve works perfectly.
Exploring is always fun, it is here as well.
Controls are ok.

Ps. I think there may be chance to get stuck, be sure to add restart option.