Reviews for "Sprout"

Really liked the game! It was fun and all the items worked great. Half a star lost for the plant-growing bug, but luckily it only ocurred twice for me.
Thaks for the game!

Great little game. I would love to see a bigger, longer version of this. Newgrounds needs more games like this, and less craptacular, thrown together titles that just fill space.

GuyUngerNL responds:

You sure are a very wiseman

Really cool game, except...

The plants growing cause it to crash every time on me. I tried playing it ten times (magic "fuck this I give up" number) but it crashed every time in the room with the button to release the four water vents showering the plant in the middle. I did manage to get by it once, only to return to the room only to have it crash then.

Nice music, good retro graphic feels, decent physics/platforming (not too stressful) from what I could gather in my limited play time.

No issues with gameplay here. Nice theme, just asking for further development... that you can produce a game like this in just 72 hours is impressive. Would love to see it fleshed out. Good job.

this is a game i would like to see more of. if you had 3 months, how awesome would it be! all of the people who had problems, i feel sorry for you. did you downgrade to win10 by any chance?

GuyUngerNL responds:

The problem does partly lie in downgrading to windows 10, but from my side.. One reason I didn't complete/had time to fix some things is that flash crashed literally about 50 times on my windows 10...