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Reviews for "Chara vs Sans (Undertale animation)"

That's it? That's it.
Annoying dogs always spoil the endings...

I voted 3.

So you just copied a scene in the game, gave it some of your own twist and that's it? Okay, the annoying dog was probably added to make it look a little less copy-pasted. 1 minute long, yeah that's not gonna cut it. You should've made it longer. I guess animation is hard to do, but you could make the decision to invest some more time in this video instead of uploading it as fast as possible. Im no animator myself, but saying it's ''too hard'' sounds like you're fet up with it all and just don't want to improve upon it. And that's wrong right? Cause you probably like animating otherwise you would've not made this in the first place. Undertale blew lots of AAA games out of the water, and the hype is real, but that counts with the competion from other flash artists too. But you made more really short Undertale flashes, so I guess that's just your style. Maybe you wanted to prove you could do that too or something. I say try being more original, and add something new to the Undertale franchise. That's a lot more interesting to watch too as it's not in the game. Still, you copied it pretty good, and stayed true to the original style. So I give you 3 stars for contributing.

Awesome animation. lol i like the ending.

annoying dogs ruining dramatic moments

A short sequence with some action, some humor using the same dialogues and "voices" as in the game. And a very clever ending.

First Undertale animation I really like.