Reviews for "Video Voice Demo 2015"

Wow! Impressive portfolio G. Your very talented in what you do and I'm so grateful for you helping me with my projects as well and hope we continue to work together. Thank you!

Gianni responds:

It's my pleasure. Your work is awesome and you're always a blast to work with. So no, thank YOU!

I liked the voice acting a lot not bad!
Keep up the great work! :D

(The animation is also awesome)

Gianni responds:

Thanks! Be sure to check out the other works of the animators featured in this reel! They're all great.

Sexcellent :D

Gianni responds:

You always know just what to say.

Where's my video you fuck.

But yeah, this shit's good. This is the good shit, the kind of shit I love from you, man. You showing off the best shit you done, and I respect that shit, man. You the best voice actor around, don't let nobody tell you otherwise, ya hear? You the best

Now get your ass back to more pressing matters, like getting super hyped for Overwatch and drinking copious amounts of booze!

Gianni responds:

Well I wouldn't say it's "the best of the year", it's really just a demo, which means my selections are more based on attempting to show a slightly diverse range cast throughout the year. Maybe next year I'll trim a lot of fat and mash together quickfire lines of every project I was in that year. Maybe, I'll think about it.

But yeah there was a lot of amazing stuff in 2015 not in this demo, so "the best" is something I'd stray away from describing it as just cuz those other amazing projects shouldn't be made to feel left out.

Thanks for your support, amigo.

Simply Beautiful! You are definitely an A+ VO artist! So happy to see you still in the game!

Gianni responds:

Can't stop won't stop!