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Reviews for "Fefnir - Pilot"

I feel conflicted about this. Visually everything is done really well, when i pay attention to the composition of the shots and the FX it's all there.

However something doesn't feel quite right. There seems to be very little about this that compels me to keep track of what is to follow. It's because the writing is still the heart of everything, the visuals are only a means to an end. I feel like the story doesn't do anything for me. The voice acting also isn't on par with the quality of the visuals.

This is really tough, because even if you decided to revise things story wise it's almost not possible. The story has already started and is now set in stone. While if the animation was bad that could have been resolved easily.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Yes Plebs, we did a lot of mistakes with this D: but definitely looking to make it again and this time use everything we've learned, and we're so happy to have joined this community, we're learning so much from the feedback everybody is giving and we didn't had that before, thanks a lot for your time and your advice :D

animation and character designs were very good but the dialogue made me groan a little. The voice acting needs the most improvement in my opinion. And maybe its because I'm a dumb uncultured American, but the accents were really hard to understand.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback :D we're definitely looking to remake this and improve it in the future :)

I'm glad to see the Weekly User's Choice! It wasn't one of my favorites, but was definitely great. My favorite part is probably the animation with the fighters. It's weird, because the animation with the humans could have been better. I still fully appreciated this. It's quite ambiguous.

It works so well as a pilot. It's hard to get a good understanding of what's going on. You really don't need to. Everything is nice nicely put together and so well constructed. I guess they go hand in hand.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot Ericho :D

The animation is beautiful, and the backgrounds are gorgeous. It looks almost professionally done.
The way colours are used makes it obvious that the animator knows what they're doing. There are some minor pacing issues in the fight scenes but that's basically nit-picking.

There are places where more sound effects would've immersed the viewer into the world you've set up if they were there; think more about environmental-acted sound-effects like stepping on sand and sliding across it or a whoosh as a person is tossed through the air.

Obviously there's also the voice acting and script stuff, but that could be easily fixed with an editor or such. But pilot-wise, it doesn't do much to introduce the viewers to the world it's in or the story.
Perhaps that would be something well to look into.

I look forward to seeing more from you.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback :D it's truly appreciated

This was nice, it could've been better though. For now in a short sweet simple review it's great: the premise is there, the concepts and ideas, the characters, animation, ETC.

In-depth analysis:

Art & Animation:

The graphic content as well as the animation are a bit clunky but fulfill the quota for a good video with animations. The graphics presented are amazing, with a bit more work an dedication I think you can make the ground look just as beautiful as the background objects. You could improve in sword fighting other than that I can't complain much with the animation which is unusual (That's a good thing).


The sound could used a bit more development. some scenes don't look more realistic than they should feel from the animation quality that is presented in-front of us. Besides those 1-3 scenes I say the quality is AMAZING from the voices to those minor details you put in the sound with to the gates opening and ETC.

Concepts and ideas:

The concept of this world like many others is interesting what's more interesting in fact is the world is held in a desert which is often not shown anymore. You could try to elaborate more on the world those 2 women wanted to escape so it could bring more depth to the lore. Other than that this was a good concept with characters that abruptly appear before us.


Over all this was a good Pilot for a potential series that could shine or fail but either outcome is fine by me since this was interesting. So let's recap with the review: The concepts and the ideas were good, the sound design was decent, Graphics and animation were amazing.

Scores for each category:
| Ex. Category: Score of 10/10 unless overall score if so then 5/5- Short comment |
|__________________________________________________________________ |

Art and animation: 10/10 - Phenomenal

Sound: 7/10 - decent could use more work

Concepts and ideas: 8/10 - Could elaborate on more parts

Overall: 8/10 or 4/5 - Could use a tad bit more work other than that this is going to be good!

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot Lord-Araghast, it means the world to us that you have taken your time writing such an elaborate review, we're definitely taking all the comments into consideration and want to make it even better in the future, to be honest we kind of underestimated this project and overestimated our skills and resources we had at the time while doing it, so that's why it didn't ended as good as we would have liked, but still was a good learning experience for all of us :)

We're hoping to get this project funded in the future and this time we will make it right :D