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Reviews for "Fefnir - Pilot"

Hi, it looks good and interesting, everything looks neat and professional. Actually We are making a animated series as well but it's in 3d.

Hope you find investors for your series!

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks Animatzen :D

Awesome, very awesome. It is extremely challenging to pull off high quality frame-by-frame animation for over 3 minutes (with some tweening in there), so first of all...kudos guys! I know the feels. The camera work and backgrounds were absolutely spectacular, and overall it moved things along pretty well. The color work was also splendid, no problems setting up the stage at the right time. I must admit tho, it was hard to understand the rat guy at times, but it's not a deal breaker. I would also like to see just a bit more clarity on the story, but I assume we will dig a lot more into it on the 2nd episode...And I hope you are able to find investors or sponsors!

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot CrabbWalker :D every advice counts, we have to continue learning.

What!? No nipples!? That guy is so hot but no nipples... 8/10 visuals (NO NIPPLES). 5/10 writing. 7/10 voice acting (I mean I can hear half of what they're saying, but half is not enough in a 3 minutes story). At first I thought the mother and her daughter were trying to go back to the living world from hell (like Greek underworld). Lastly that move at 2:22 is so overused. I see it everywhere and it takes away both the imagination and logic. It's such a worthless move, I mean how can you slash your enemy while their leg is flailing at you face. But then again, the art is awesome, I don't see very much of it lately so 8/10.

The animation is beautiful, and the backgrounds are gorgeous. It looks almost professionally done.
The way colours are used makes it obvious that the animator knows what they're doing. There are some minor pacing issues in the fight scenes but that's basically nit-picking.

There are places where more sound effects would've immersed the viewer into the world you've set up if they were there; think more about environmental-acted sound-effects like stepping on sand and sliding across it or a whoosh as a person is tossed through the air.

Obviously there's also the voice acting and script stuff, but that could be easily fixed with an editor or such. But pilot-wise, it doesn't do much to introduce the viewers to the world it's in or the story.
Perhaps that would be something well to look into.

I look forward to seeing more from you.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback :D it's truly appreciated

it looks good for the pilot hope there is more to come