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Reviews for "Fefnir - Pilot"

Superb animation.!!!

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thank you very much :D

Original, Smooth for you hiring a lot of people who didn't know how to animate. I support the idea the other guy said about keeping the main character silent seems to make him more bad ass. Also, you definitely heightened my interest with the vague story opening. Great pilot.

No matter what others say, It's freaking awesome. No matter how well you try, people will find some kind of mistakes. But that's good perhaps for the animators.

Which software you used to make it? Flash/Toon Boom or what?

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks Flashkid it was ToonBoom / After Effects :)

I give this 4 1/2 bc something fell short for me. Loved it but, there was ust something missing.

I understand that it's a pilot, but I have only one critical problem with it. There are currently 3 main points to the video. Visuals, story, and action. The visuals are great for what you are doing. The story isn't entirely clear, but makes sense in their context. But the fighting fell flat.

Personally for the fighting, everything is suppose to be a push or pull, action and reaction. It felt stiff with those three hits, the most action part as you put more time in those than the other parts, being the throwing knife and counter to the drop kick. The three hits were at the same pace. To improve this, make the swings fast and the blocks/deflects slow. It looks like two kids tapping wooden sticks in a play without actually putting force/effort into their attacks. I know what seems real and appears exciting, but this part just takes you out of the combat. It needs to be the coolest part as the presentation appears to be mostly about conflict in general.

Other than that everything is great. I also dislike the main character's voice. For a being with red skin and coming back to life, his voice seems far too human, especially compared to the actual humans coming back to life. The "for you to find out" seems completely out of place and I'd say just leave him silent personally. Gives too much character of a person who supposedly doesn't want to see his enemies again, but says that he will eventually, which is conflicting.

I don't mind the voice of the main villain, but I do have one problem with him. He seems to be talking about getting more souls or something from the human, which I find confusing in itself. Other than that, I'd say he deserves to give a little context as to why the hero shouldn't come back. If anything, the villain should be in a "pleading" type of action. Willing to give any information as his final words or simply reject it, but rather he says information that seems odd. Just over-questioning their actions, which are immediately answered when the hero takes the medallion makes his character hard to understand.

I know I said I don't have much wrong with this. I don't. But these three things just feel like minor gripes to me, that takes too long to explain. Not trying to harp or anything, but I can't explain it any more clearly as I did.

I read the description. Hope you get your investor. I'd hate to suggest who I think, so I just hope you get someone good.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks Furyberserk, I totally agree with you, we won $30K to make this pilot, however the people who gave us the money pushed us to "hire" other people and teach them about animation and that's when things began to be harder for us, and in the end the fight ended up like that because almost nobody knows how to animate in our country. It could have ended up much better, but still, we also made a lot of mistakes because of our lack of experience in a project like this. We hope to remake this in the future :)