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Reviews for "Fefnir - Pilot"

Awesome, very awesome. It is extremely challenging to pull off high quality frame-by-frame animation for over 3 minutes (with some tweening in there), so first of all...kudos guys! I know the feels. The camera work and backgrounds were absolutely spectacular, and overall it moved things along pretty well. The color work was also splendid, no problems setting up the stage at the right time. I must admit tho, it was hard to understand the rat guy at times, but it's not a deal breaker. I would also like to see just a bit more clarity on the story, but I assume we will dig a lot more into it on the 2nd episode...And I hope you are able to find investors or sponsors!

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot CrabbWalker :D every advice counts, we have to continue learning.

Very cool.

the quality of everything is just perfect.

Also, it's always very very good to see an original series emerge with it's own actually interesting characters.
10/10 forever

Like @UrMonsta, has said this has a fuck load of potential. I really hope you guys keep making animations, and I really think that you guys can do something really amazing with this.

I would say that some of the facial animations were lacking, and that at times I couldn't really understand what was being said. But other than that the pilot was spot on, I honestly could see this being a show on Adult Swim.

FrameFreak2D responds:

thanks a lot no1dead :D hopefully we can make the series this year and this time we'll make it better :)

I am only giving this 4 stars purely because i see a LOT of potential in this. This way if there is room for more praise I can offer it as this series progresses.

As I said, this has a LOT of potential. You set the stage now weave the tale! I am curious to see how you unfold this story. it definitely has the classic feel of Heavy Metal. I cannot help but feel some classic Norse influences with bits of Japamation thrown in. While it SEEMS to come off Swords and Sorcery I can see an Epic Battle of Gods in this too.

Well, can't wait to see the next installment. Then again animation does not draw itself and it does take time so maybe patience here will be its own reward from the viewer's end.

Like a boss my friend, like a boss!

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot UrMonsta :D yeah I completely agree with you, to be honest we're not 100% satisfied on how it ended, we wanted this episode to look better, but it was our first animation of this kind so we made a lot of mistakes, but learned a lot from it as well :) hopefully we will make this work this year :D

Inspiring work! The art was beautiful, the animation was smooth, I loved the action scenes. I can just see how much effort this took. The colors were rich. The sound was little off but it doesn't make it any short of amazing.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks Axxie :D