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Reviews for "Fefnir - Pilot"

The animation is beautiful, and the backgrounds are gorgeous. It looks almost professionally done.
The way colours are used makes it obvious that the animator knows what they're doing. There are some minor pacing issues in the fight scenes but that's basically nit-picking.

There are places where more sound effects would've immersed the viewer into the world you've set up if they were there; think more about environmental-acted sound-effects like stepping on sand and sliding across it or a whoosh as a person is tossed through the air.

Obviously there's also the voice acting and script stuff, but that could be easily fixed with an editor or such. But pilot-wise, it doesn't do much to introduce the viewers to the world it's in or the story.
Perhaps that would be something well to look into.

I look forward to seeing more from you.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback :D it's truly appreciated

I'm glad to see the Weekly User's Choice! It wasn't one of my favorites, but was definitely great. My favorite part is probably the animation with the fighters. It's weird, because the animation with the humans could have been better. I still fully appreciated this. It's quite ambiguous.

It works so well as a pilot. It's hard to get a good understanding of what's going on. You really don't need to. Everything is nice nicely put together and so well constructed. I guess they go hand in hand.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot Ericho :D

This is really professional animation! NG needs more quality like this!

FrameFreak2D responds:

Thanks a lot! :D we're working hard to bring more pieces like this to Newgrounds :D

wow cool if I remember correctly, Fafnir is also a card in lost kingdoms 2 which no one ever plays except me hahaha

Original, Smooth for you hiring a lot of people who didn't know how to animate. I support the idea the other guy said about keeping the main character silent seems to make him more bad ass. Also, you definitely heightened my interest with the vague story opening. Great pilot.