Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Life"

Thanks Man!

Hey appreciate that! I finally laughed out loud at one these damn movies. Thanks for giving me my first. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me ;) No, seriously though, keep the creative shit coming.

Final Fight Was THe original.

awesome flash. the ending with that guy from Streets Of Rage 2 was pretty cool. and the subway when the thug is on the cab with beavis and butthead,& michael jackson lol1

Not too bad...

Funny little short about fighting games, from the thug's P.O.V..

What they must think of us after the game is turned off...

This wasnt that bad, dont knock this!

I liked this, it was kinda funny, and I dont knock for sprites(that's why 'graphics' got a 10)
the sound was sorta lame, should of used the games sound effects, and the music was tolerable at best.

That was a big load of hippo crap!!

the sound was crap! the story was crap! the characters where ok but still prety gay! well that wasted my time and if theres a sequel its gonna be crap!!