Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Life"

Final Fight Revenge?

I didn't even know there was a Final Fight Revenge.. ah well, it was probably for some crappy ass Sega system. heh heh.

About this video: hmm, well Lord knows I love the Final Fight series, and this had a few good jokes about it, but that's about it. The Gamecube playing reject segment was great, as was the retarded Andore, but come on, you could have done so much more. More characters would have been a great addition.

Overall, the concept was a good one, just sloppily executed, IMO, and the animation could have been a little smoother. Not a bad attempt, but it was only so-so. So says Dr. "Haggar" Manhattan...

Pretty good

Pretty good. The animation and jokes were only average, though. I just don't like how the layering of some sprites are completely off at times. Like with the Spongebob Squarepants doll (only two words, no more).

BTW, the guy in purple was ANDORE! He was around in all three Final Fights... all four if you include Final Fight Revenge.

pretty funny

ho the hell was the guy in purple with sponge bob
nobody knows.........
well still funny
keep it up vazz

Liked it

I remeber this, it was one of the first ever films I saw here on Newgrounds, and then I knew what kind of site it was, and so, I kept watching movies, and playing the games, so anyways, this is what I like, to see stuff like this, so please .. bring out this sequal, to sum up, Bags of origianality, style and the imporntant thing Humor, loving you're work.

I like the Final Fight series.

I like the Final Fight series. This is a good depiction of a thug life in a video game. LOL!!!
I think it is a preety good and funny movie.