Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Life"

Dude Generic bad guys rock

Hey its about time we all took a look at the little guys we trounce for the hell of it dont you reckon ?

that was good!

Daddy Like....Daddy Like.....;-)

I loved it. Brought back memories.

That was hillarious. Great Idea! I hope to see more in the future. The delivery and timing of the jokes was perfect. The ending with max was a nice touch. Like I said keep, stuff like that comming!


Not wonderful. Please enlighten me, who was the guy who beat the thug up at the end? I loved the joke on the train (especially cos the jaco sprite was there). Nice to see a Final Fight parody. could someone please do a parody of the old game 'the punisher' cos it rocked

Heh that was pretty funny!

Good work and very original idea. I also like some of the Streets of rage music that was in there.