Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Life"

A few questions...

Why did you use the SNES Sprites for the Final Fighter characters? You culd have got the Sega CD sprites of them, they're a lot clearer. Plus, you're missing Guy, he was with Cody, along with Haggar. Why is the Andore named "Andre"? I used to think that was their name growing up and used to get mad when I'd be beating myself up, that is until I realized their was an "o" in the name. You did do a good job, but it could have been better. I'm sure though that by now you have far better stuff.


The text doesn't makes sense and not funny at all.
But the lol abusing kids make it worse.


spongebob's like "please kill me!" lol

even for a sprite movie, this is very good!

although i AM okay with sprite movies. and how do you get your swf files so small? i wish i knew!

poor thugs dont you know crime doesnt pay!

yea i liked it it goes from final fight to streets of rage.