Reviews for "Growing Ties"

I wasn't expecting this sort of experience, but oh well, that was a unique Ludum Dare game. :)

Somehow, I don't have anything to criticize. Everything is simple and it just works finely in its own rights. Great job.

I ended up enjoying this. I am glad there's a counter to how many of these dares there are. I certainly can't follow them all! The sprite work was pretty basic. Well, I guess it wasn't technically sprites. I thought the game would just go on forever.

The sounds were pretty cool. It was just hard to tell what the right size was. It was cool to see how your combos worked. It didn't do me that much good. Congrats on being the thumbnail for this dare.

I actually laugh at this game because one of them was short and i give him a big long tie and he's was all like "-_- are you fucking kidding me bro?" and he walks off just like nothing just happened. And that's why i laugh so hard at this game.

Good game, i give this 69 out of 5 stars!


I know this was Game of the Year when I put a giant tie in a small dude
8/10 men, great game

Love the idea and execution.