Reviews for "Undertale: Final Breath (fan Animation)"

A wonderful animation,Very tear jerking..but in a good way. This Is Truly AMAZING

Speak past the mic; make sure it's not right in front of you or else you get that awful popping noise. Pop filters also work if you want to speak directly at the mic

The animation is good. You got talent. But it seems like you didn't put much effort into this.
Bad voice acting, low quality sounds, voices and sounds glitching out (move that damn echo flower away from your pc!), also the random loss of quality of the video (damn pixel-haired children killing my bro). Also I think Sans' monologue could've been better overall.
You could do better.

dude its awesome :D

meh. nothing really happens. i guess if there was a bit more dialogue or something it would be worth a star or two. good to know NG still throws these awards around to whoever makes anythiing.