Reviews for "Undertale: Final Breath (fan Animation)"

Really good animation and I like the colors and backgrounds. Vincer is a troll and is leaving those comments on a lot of other submissions on the portal

Animation looked good when full motions were in effect the static could use some work. but i loved this! It had a charm to it. when i played this part this is what i'd imagine it to be. good work!

really strong drawing skills you got there, good job

Nice work man, keep up and make more animations! :)

Your voice actors [Arkham specifically] may want to invest in a pop filter or better yet, a windscreen. You might also want to get better actors [Arkham specifically]. You also may want to get better writers for clunky dialog. You might also want to learn how to use the echo effect in your audio software. I cringed every time I heard that mechanical impact or that mid 2000s attempt at inner monologue.

Actually, you may want to make these a priority.

Also, why would a skeleton bleed when slashed by a knife? Why is there blood coming out of his mouth? He doesn't have blood veins.