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Reviews for "Nock Nock Nocking"

Insanely addictive and fun gameplay, had fun trying to come up with awkward, unorthodox solutions to puzzles I had trouble with. Highly recommended!

Maybe I just suck at using it, but I find the splitting arrow really unreliable.

Noodle responds:

I would say it is definitely the hardest arrow to use.
It is sprinkled in very sparingly in the game, because it can be so tricky.

Try out different power intensities and angles, and see if you have more luck.

Level 8 there is a problem i hit him 2 times and he didnt die

Noodle responds:

Occasionally one arrow will hit another arrow. It was a "bug" that we decide kind of made sense, and it was left in the game.
Your best bet is to not do the exact same shot back-to-back.

Or try to get him with the heavy arrows.
Keep at it! Good luck