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Reviews for "Trollface Quest TrollTube"

I think realsmartboy9999 is a spoiler

This is a great game. I know people might have trouble with it soo I wrote a walktrough. I figured all of them out except for level 10 :c

Lvl 1: Keep clicking on the hand until a goblin face appears on the computer. Then click on the face.

Lvl 2: Click on the gopher then guy, gopher, than guy, then press the guy again.

Lvl 3: Click on 3310 in the background three times. Then click on the phone, then click on the blender twice.

Lvl 4: Click on the smiling guy, then his pants twice, then click on the guy on the toilet. Click on him.

Lvl 5: See that blue star in the background? Click on it three times.

Lvl 6: Click on the dumpster. Then hold on the guy's head and bring it DOWN. Then bring it back up and click on the guy then cat.

Lvl 7: Click on the screwdriver in his pocket. There is a bolt in the guy's ear. Click it. Then click on his head then the blue tiny guy.

Lvl 8: Click on all foods. Then click the bowl. Then, DON'T CLICK THE THUMBS UP YET. Click on his face, then the bowl. NOW click on the thumbs up.

Lvl 9: Click on his face, then click on the camera, then QUICKLY click on his face once, or rapidly if you want it to make sense. Click play on the computer.

Lvl 10: Hold on the ice bucket and move to to the right, click on the bin. Click on the guy.

All of the levels are a reference to YouTube ( TrollTube ) Lvl 1 is when a guy was playing scary maze and got scared and punched the computer screen and peed his pants. Lvl 3 is WILL IT BLEND? Lvl 5 is wrecking ball Lvl 6 is Grumpy Cat Lvl 7 is PewDiePie I think?? Lvl 9 is the slow mo guys Lvl 10 is the ALS ice bucket challenge(s)

I like it...I am actually an youtuber...And when i saw this...I was like:Wow,Must try this,and then i played it...Good job...I will make a video on this game


The references are great. the scary troll game though. Maybe someone will make a spin-off of that.