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Reviews for ""Bonding" With Dad"

A Star Wars fishing pole man!! Wish I'd had one of those on my fishing ventures! And with a dismantable handle too! Entertaining short as always, that unexpected light saber action a nice and spicing scene too, and the end: perfect. XD Thanks for the entertainment!


You might be an alchemist cause you turned the most boring story in the world into gold. Amazing! How can a story about fishing be interesting?! You said it yourself, there is nothing more boring then going outside to horribly molest and ruin a fish's day.
Also totally relate to how the dad tries to copy paste himself into the son like he's an empty Word document instead of catching up with the times and sharing activities and aspirations the son actually cares about like playing a gun dam PS FFS.

THAT WAS AMAZING! Is there any better way toexpres something like that than animating it? and not only that, you an make it as fun, awesome and amazin as you want to! And this was amazing! 5/5Vote 5/5 Stars! Great Job DUDE! :D

Great story!!! Great Animation!!!

Nice story this was awesome!