Reviews for "Horror House"

poor other family. LOL that was so good. I like the music box background. Good Job. :) :) :)

The end made me laugh like this was a comedy instead of horror.

wow i actualy liked thids game there should be weapons and sstuff next time

The graphics could be better, but not a bad game.

I have to say that it is a great start to something much better. For a short little side-scrolling horror game, it is solid, but I think you could make it much better by doing more with it. Having a longer game with more levels, a progressing story, and a change in music more. But again, for what it was, I think you did a great job, I just think you could turn it into a really solid game by continuing it. I did a small let's play here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYNH_vDiU4Y. Keep up the great work.

Oh, I found one bug, if you hold down on the W key for long enough, you will just keep bouncing even after letting go and pressing it again, small little thing that is fixed by dying it seems.

BusinessCatStudio responds:

Wow you even made a video :O Thank you very much but unfortunately i lost all my game files so i can't update it :(