Reviews for "Explosions"

Well this was nice and cute. Also pretty humorous. Nice job making this.

That was cute and lovely, no dialogue or whatsover but it was so engaging and entertaining, really nice job for your first animation.

Excellent nonverbal dialogue.

That was pretty funny. BOOBIES TOO! Well, not exactly. Nice take on an old Loonie Toons classic gag. The exploding flower at the end too... And also this was so borderline "Objectifying" of the characters but it lent to the cynical humor behind the joke. This is sort of "Angel vs. Devil." Still, you must have gotten an A+ in Explosions 101. Heck that was Explosions 2B right there.

There was a sort of "Loyd's Lunchbox" feel to this but the joke was delivered differently in that there was a kind of story behind this. It was not random grossness. it was the way it was a repetition of the same gag in different deliveries. Another really good thing was that each explosion joke was given a different delivery in the first place and different end result all while still being the same cyclical joke. Some explosions only got the shirt, others the shorts, and a couple got it all save the pink undies. PINK UNDIES! Happosai's kryptonite (Ranma 1 / 2 if you don't get the joke.). While being a cyclical joke it also was a slippery slope joke too. One explosion led to another and each resulted in a desire of retribution that in turn led to another explosion.

What is not to love about the gratuitous use of explosions and partial (SAY IT! FULL) nudity? Likewise a semi-twist ending in that while the rose explodes she is left with a bad hair day too. the look on her face at the end was a great place to break. Big points for sticking the ending so well.

Had there been one 'censorship' joke tossed in (one of the explosions results in black soot covering the naughty bits in a full fashion disaster or something falls from above like the ubiquitous black censor bars on strings or confetti (and cheering for boobies!) obscure the view, I would have given this five full starts.

Still this was LOL enough to get a 4 1/2 from me. I actually appreciate that this was kept kind of tame. I cannot help but think somehow there is inspiration from Porkchop and Flatscreen in this. The art style and characters have similarities via inspiration and NOT plagiarism from my perspective. Also this lacks spoken words. That too is an interesting device that seems to have been employed very well here. This is what I would call employing inspiration very well and a tribute to those who inspire us.

I have to give props where props are due. Cyclical jokes are HARD to pull off on stage and in animation. Great job on this one.

Rock on!

I really enjoying this flash. I hope to see "Exploding Girl" and "Nice Guy" again.