Reviews for "Explosions"

Heh, gotta love those squeaky sounds of interaction. :) Love the minimal style of animation here, without backgrounds, and focus more on expressions and interactions. It's fun, and so very smooth and natural in motion too. Also, wonder how many pair of the same clothes she has! :D Or do they regenerate automatically? Well, in the world of animation all is possible! Creative comedy, and refreshingly harmless.


It's simple, but doesn't lack anything. Adding more things would ruin the whole theme. It's also cute and makes me feel somewhat nostalgic.

lol i love the squeaky sound effects. Also I love the explosions as well.

enjoyed it, especially the idea and the originality

"Directed by Michael Bay"

.....It's not funny anymore?Okay.
Well I got nothing to complain about here,for a first animation this is incredible.Only the missing of a background is bugging me but still deserving for 5 stars.