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Reviews for "GENEMON"

Damn, was it really create in 3 days ? It desserves 5 stars certainly ! THE FUSIONS ARE SO EPIC ! Great universe, great gameplay and wonderful pixel art.
Some flaws :
- I didn't realize immediatly about Fusions, it maybe lacks a little tutorial
- A little bit short (nice for a 3 days work though)
- The clone upgrade seams a bit overpowered
Can't wait for the post-jam version ! :D You've got a new fan.

This is an amazing game!
Great graphics, good sound, and while it's slightly disorienting in the beginning the gameplay is really fun!

Wow, it's not very often that you find a good game on the under-judgement section! I like the way this game works and looks. The option to actually combine your "genemons" is an awesome and innovative way to play this game. The only bug I could find is that when I spawned my Lupus (combination of chelonoidis and rattus) after getting the cloning device upgrade, the lupus wouldn't spawn and the enemy's genemons started walking backwards and off the screen. Other than that, I see no reason for this game not to be released!

Are you kidding me ? That's the third day in a row you publish a super game here ! So, as always, awesome aesthetics, brilliant and juicy gameplay with clever and innovative mechanics. Indeed, there are little game balancing issues but for a jam game it's a great great work. Please continue to post one game a day :D

Cool but so short :o