Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Man this game is so freaking cool i reached level 65, amazing art and music, that is a good game :)

my highscore is 85.
I like that when you have all the skills, you are so overpowered. i understand why this game won the ludum dare 33.
it doesn´t get repetitive and is a great game to play when you want something relaxing.
love the art/graphics and the music!!!
not gonna spoil it, but the last skill is so awesome!!!

I seem to have hit level 100.... and still not gotten past that point?
It says hit max level, but uh... I guess it either broke, or there's something past that....

Either way, amazingly fun game for such a tiny package.

Epic, gameplay is really fun and addicting for the short game it is.

made it to lvl 100 but i still cant get a promotion :(
But i still love the game.