Reviews for "MOBS, INC."

Great game, I really liked it. I get to Lvl 100, and after reach it, I just want another goal. Just that great.

Very impressive, it's at the same time simple but very addictive and enjoyable, well done.

The game is really good, but it needs a way to restore hearts ! Like : 10 levels = 1 heart or something like that.

vary addicting to play, only wish you had more promotions cause after the 3rd one there's not really much to encourage people more afterwords, or even have secrete promotions where you have to do curtain things to unlock, like keeping one hero alive for a full minute or something. and this is really well made for a pixel game made in 3 days

When your getting a promotion it looks like "REKT REKT REKT REKT" also everytime you get a promition you should make it so it resets the warnings or more warnings or 1 less warning per promotion.