Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Great game. Lots of fun!

So good! It's difficult but definitely makes you work to get better at it.

This was an incredibly fun and addicting game to play. The graphics are simple, yet adorable and the gameplay is easy to get into. We like the fact that you can simply click on enemies to attack them. The promotion system gives the game a goal and the abilities granted by the promotions are fun to use. In our opinion this game would have been worth buying, it has the potential to be a good mobile app. Keep up the good work!

finally made it to lvl 40 without one death once.
in other words any game that can get you to try over and over(for hours) for a goal the game doesn't give you is worth the stars.

Some minor issues hold the game back, such as how when you spawn, you seem to be surrounded and inevitably take a hit whether you want to or not, but the music, the pixel art, the fluidity of the gameplay, and the sprinkling of humor make this game a real treat. I could imagine this becoming a full-fledged game with much more content in the future.