Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Fantastic game! Loved the small amounts of humor, like the crazy "promotion" text jumping around the screen or the player's saying things like "this dungeon sucks". The simple yet addictive gameplay kept me going forward until I realized that LV 100 was the highest level possible. Congrats, Ferrantelli, for winning the Ludum, well deserved!

Going to have to make sure I come back to this one when I'm in a gaming rut

You have a really good concept here. I love the graphics too! Hah. The music fits well. Dude, I found myself being promoted until there were no more upgrades to my being. Please add more upgrades!!!!
this is what kept me playing. lol 5/5

I should flag this - For being too awesome! FIVE STARS!

The best game I played so far in 2016!!