Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Great game, I think it would work amazing as am app game.

great controls, solid premise, great game.

The best game I played so far in 2016!!

This game was absolutely amazing. The graphics were incredible, the gameplay was addictive, and everything was done outstandingly, especially for a game made in only 3 days. If you could turn this project into a full game, I'd definitely be willing to pay for it.

Great game but needs more!
I would give it .5 more (5 stars) if it had more elements like, saving, upgrading to new games, making accounts and a little area (maybe the company building) where you can talk/trade with other players with items you could collect. It's alot, I know, but please. This game is one of my favorites, so I'd like at least 1 of these ideas added.