Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Great game! It's so addictive and just fulfills a desire for bloodlust which is what most gamers crave from time to time. Would love to see this on a gaming console.


THE MECHANICS OF THIS GAME ARE AWESOME, even if it has such few promotions

I really don't see why people love this game so much; It is SOOOOO easy. I could sit here and play it for 4 hours and not get presented with any real challenge. It is just a point and click "grind: the game", and although there is power ups, you can unlock them all within your first run, so you just stop playing and don't come back to it because its sense of wonder and mystery is gone.

Simple addictive game-play, hearkening back to the stuff which got me involved in design in the first place. Wish there was an option to pause. If there's ever another, I'd like for the option to have multiple monsters to choose from.