Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Dude, this is so simple, yet so addictive.

I mean yea, "one life and you're done" is there, but that's what makes the game all the more funner in the end. A quick zoom triggers death, right? Can't wait for whatever work you put out next.

really cool. not a fan of the permadeath. got 76 on first play. last form was awesome. fun.

but i don't like to play games again when all i carry over from previous playthroughs is skill.

still great though. maybe have some stats u can upgrade each time or w/e

but that would be a different game anyway.

Holy smokes! It's so simple yet so addicting! Like many people said, a short tutorial or some really small check-points would be nice. Still, solid den outta den.

This is awesome! A game doesn't have to have tons of features or complex gameplay to be great. You guys made a really fun game.

It's too hard. Not because it's actually difficult, but because the control scheme is so awful. If you don't aim exactly correctly, you immediately die because the enemy hits you during your recovery time. I got to 19 and then ragequit.