Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Fast fun simple game, sadly my mouse not that awesome, still got to 100, but no ending?

Still gj.

well I made it to level 100 and my experience bar stoped increasing so I take it I won?? ahh either way great game man I don't think ive played an RPG where you level up as the bad guy great concept man

Really good game, the controls are really good, the gameplay is simple but extremely satisfying and I love to see the main character evolve during the game. Amazing work :b

What a fun game! but it still should have an ending :)

You cant actually aim at the enemies, you have to aim at their feet where they are standing, which is counter intuitive and feels like a cheap way to make you miss since you are clearly going THROUGH their sprite but not hitting them.

Other than that its a flawless time waster.