Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Incredible game! The visuals really impressed me.

Funny and cool :D in other words.....AWESOME

Fun, but somewhat repetitive game.

Anyways, how is this rated E? XD

I seriously made like a bloodbath during my second promotion for a long time. :p

It's weird, my game was totally lagging so I guess it was easy but then in my next form everything went really fast and so many enemies spawned, it was actually a lot harder. o.O Well technically it should be harder even with promotions, maybe, from being a high level, but the whole lag thing made it unfair...

when i met for the first time the ceo i felt as small minion serching for work :)

Incredibly simple yet addictve game, with a charming artstyle and quite good music.

It wasn't to hard or to easy either, took me 3 tries before I got to lvl 100 :3

You made a very nice game here, definitely deserved to win.