Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Really great game, but little buggy and really REALLY hard, between the promotion you could refresh the number of verbal warning.

really great game can be addicting

Enjoyable game but the fact that enemies can attack me the second I spawn in left me frustrated as I had no way to react before I lost half my life. In a game where I can;t heal this is a major flaw.

I was surprised that I enjoyed this as much as I did. It was a pretty annoying game at first. I had no idea which character I even was. I still appreciate how go up too it was. I am so glad you had the upgrades. It seems like a game that just goes on forever.

I think the graphics are quite good. It's cool to see what kind of upgrades will come up next. At least the levels don't change with every upgrade. They're not that useful, I guess. I hope it doesn't become too addictive for me...

Really a nice game! An original idea and a good artstyle that perfectly fits the context, but it absolutely needs a speed and an healt upgrade, and maybe a menu with the main options (New Game, Options, ecc.). Keep up the good work!