Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Great Game and very addictive

But: Sometimes enemies spawn inside you and that is quite annoying

Game itself is good but have a bad side and lags. Good sides alone would give score of 5 stars
Good (in short): mob's POV, mass murdering, interesting base gameplay and levelup-or-fired system.
Bad thing: game will only deliver overall fun before you evolve last time. After that you will realize that there isn't much challenge in playing except for "not being hit", so your survival depends only on your attention, hand's skill and endurance.

Main problem: Lags. Those bloody gibs create huge lags after you murder dozens of foes. Game slows down in many times. This makes long survival depending much less n your skills and even more on endurance.

Since Ludum Dare 33 is already over, it should be fine if you fix lags. Probably should remove gibs over time (and may be paint floor with blood instead)

For a game with so little health, having no invincibility on spawn has cost me a lot of potential gameplay. Just coming in and being hit right away feels really bad.

I just died at level 98 because I was shot toward the end of Wrecking Ball. Still in ball form as I watched the game end. That didn't feel great either.

The mechanics are simple and the goal is clear, but spawning in at a disadvantage and getting gibbed during a supposedly invincible state means that the game is working against me and I can end up killing myself with my own ability.

The problem with static HP is that it's binary and doesn't reward consistently good gameplay following a mistake. You carry every mistake with you until you die. I wouldn't mind a Galaga-style extra heart every 10 or so levels after the last promotion. The promotions safeguard you from your verbal warning, so it's not so bad early.

I like the game, but these kinds of issues are either things that were somehow overlooked, or intended. If they're intended, that's fine, but I tend away from artificial difficulty and RNG.

thats hardcore, insane and super fun, great job there!
a would change nothing for a lundum dare
awsome job, deserve the #1 place :)

This game is amazing and really addictive! But I have a problem sometimes you have too little time