Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

love the concept, but you hit the ceiling way too quickly. Some sort of high score would have fixed this.

It's too hard! :(

I thought it was amazing 9/10 with a little more content I would be playing this game non stop

You actually made me log into my account, just to rate this and write a review.
Well done! 9/10

I REALLLLLLLLY hope you have plans for this game in the future, because I think that this could definitely become one helluva game! Add a few upgrades here and there, add a pinch of variety, a cup of dialogue, then sprinkle some dank memes on that bitch and BLAM!
You've got yourself a 10/10. c:

The game is really good, but it needs a way to restore hearts ! Like : 10 levels = 1 heart or something like that.