Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Very fun and cool. Too hard for me tho.

Not bad good game but its too hard to level up i looove this types of games

I am sorry for my bad english xD

To me, this is the best game in this Ludum Dare, hands down.
So much, in fact, that I'm putting you in my favorite list right now so I can know about a full version of this, if it ever happens, because this has immense potential.
Now, if it would ever happen, here's a few things I'd like to point out that could improve:

-First off, every time the round starts, there should be a short pause with somethink like "3-2-1, start" sort of screen, because enemies are already spawned and attacking right off the bat, and I've been hit a lot of times because of that, sometimes even before I could see the entire screen.
-The skill icons should do something like blink or shine or something like that when they are loaded, this games requires focus on the screen, meaning you can't pay a lot of attention to the icon to see if it's completely charged or not, and it's not hard to be fooled.
-As you would expect from a sequel (or a full game, considering this was made in 3 days only for Ludum Dare), you'll want to add more starting classes/mob types, skills and arenas with different kinds of walls and such, as well as more promotions and progression through the game, but to do so, there simply must be a way to either replenish hearts or avoid scolding from your CEO, because more game, means you need to keep the player playing untill the end somehow, or at least not making it completely unfairly hard for him to progress.

I really want to see this coming true so bad, you have no idea, 10/10, looking forward to a new game.

interesting game although i seemed very easy to me... can anyone tell me what the tiny sample of music was that plays when you get promodet??

So good! It's difficult but definitely makes you work to get better at it.