Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

I seem to have hit level 100.... and still not gotten past that point?
It says hit max level, but uh... I guess it either broke, or there's something past that....

Either way, amazingly fun game for such a tiny package.

It's a really fun and addicting game I really like it!

There's a reason I put this as my top vote of December. It's a pure, eclectic kind of fun you can only get from games as polished as these. While I'm sure not everyone'll agree this is the outright BEST of the month, I still hold to it.

The premise is this: what would it be like if MMO dungeons were run like a company? Mobs, Inc. answers that by putting you in the shoes of a lowly minion, as you hack your way through hordes of adventurers in the hopes of earning promotions, which will earn you new abilities. The controls are very simple, with the mouse used as movement and attack, and Q/W/E keys used as your skill slots when they're unlocked. You have a quota; you need to reach a specific level to earn a promotion, otherwise you'll get a warning. 4 warnings, and it's game over.

The game's short, sweet, but at the same time provides an experience that will have you replaying it quite a few times, to see how far you can go. I'm not lying when I say it's definitely a game I'll come back to whenever I'm looking for a quick bit of frenetic action.

Quite original, but it does need a difficulty selector and/or a tutorial. Kudos though, one of the best games for gameplay on Newgrounds (*@*).