Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

A cool concept with very appealing graphics and simple but fun gameplay. I'm still surprised at what people can accomplish for the Ludum Dare. The music is nice as well.
There's a good amount of enemy variety for a 72-hour game. It's actually quite a difficult game. it's mostly fair and the upgrades really do feel helpful. The abilities too, though I mostly use them for avoiding purposes. I like the system of having to survive until you're a certain level.
The humor of the game is also nice, like the lines of the adventurers and the comfy corporate atmosphere of the waiting room. The Creeper is a nice easter egg.
Now, there are some flaws. The verbal warnings should be counted as 3, not four, because that's misleading. Then there are some gameplay flaws. Multiple times, I have been hit immediately after respawning because an archer hit me or a knight guy charged me before I could even see what was happening. It would be nice if you held off the spawn or disabled enemy attacks for a second. i can always use the Q ability to teleport out of harm's way, but I feel like he game design shouldn't encourage doing that every respawn. I'm annoyed that the big armored knights can get me in ball mode. It's fine that they can when teleporting, it discourages abuse of the time-stopping effect, but it shouldn't be like that for the ball. This, along with the fact you can't control it and there's no counter to say how much time it has left makes the ball the worst ability.
Overall a fun time-waster, and very god for the time it was made in, but could have been improved a bit afterwards.


Amazingly fun and addictive. Impressive that this was made in only 3 days.


this is probably one of the best short games i have ever played, the highest that iv'e gotten was 100... before i thought that maybe there was a little secret if you get to a hundred..but... nothin'.. now GET BACK TO WORK

but this game is fun because it's quick, simple, entertaining in every way and the character designs are amazing, especially when it was all just made in 2 days....