Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

ok give us more chances to live because i can only get to the first promotion and that is sh!t i mean who agrees with me here?

An amazing game, despite it's simplicity.
Or perhaps because of that. Regardless, I very much enjoyed it.
There's only one thing I'm confused about. The final objective of reach the highest level.
I don't know if I got to the highest level, but I hit level 100, and despite the fact that I was on my 2nd warning, I didn't seem to gain anymore exp between that and my final warning.
Well, hitting 100 was the only real goal I had after seeing each promotion, because of how sure I was that it was the final goal.
But anyhow, thanks for the fun experience. This is definitely going on my favorites list.

Great man, the only problem i had is that i got stuck in slomo Mode, and i wasn't able to kill anyone .-.
and they just kept spawning and spawning

It's good, but I have a few problems with it. I really love the game mechanics, but the spawning of enemies is unfair at times. For example, some will spawn on top of you and will take away a heart, which is both impossible to avoid and impossible to predict. I understand making enemies damage you by touching you (i.e. the running man with the sword), but it is bad game design when taking damage is the game's fault, not yours. It is a great time until have to start over from level 1 because of some arbitrary spawning.

lvl 90 = nice