Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

i like the style the game has but when playing it multiple times i found the rock and roll kinda boring if the music changed while playing the dungeon that would be great. but i find the game in general quite good

Couple issues that make the game very annoying to play:

First of all when I die I should be able to skip the warning page and just go back to playing, especially since every time you die 4 times you get booted all the way back to level 1-- I have no desire to see that screen dozens of times.

Second of all, there's no replay value in the first few stages. It's the same slog time and again and since you don't keep any promotions when you die you pretty much play them the exact same way.

Finally, give me a user interface of some kind pleaaaase.

Epic, gameplay is really fun and addicting for the short game it is.

A fantastic game. I think you should get an extra warning each time you get promoted though.

I love the pixelated style you went with. Though like some people say that you barley gain any experience when you reach 100, I still really loved the game. Thanks for making it. The way I found it was I say Markiplier play this game and I thought it was very cool.