Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

I love it but the game need 3 modes: Easy Normal and Hard

Pretty sweet. The concept of playing from the "bad guy's" perspective has always been kinda fun for me XD The visual style and music are quite appealing, and the gameplay is rather simplistic, but good enough to kill a few minutes. One small complaint that I have is that some of the hits felt a little cheap; I would "go back to work" and get hit instantly. Using my "Q" skill right at the start was pretty much necessary to make sure I wouldn't get struck with an arrow half a second into the battle. Totally worthy of winning Ludum Dare 33 (congrats, by the way). Amazing how a decent (albeit simplistic) game can be put out there, but I hope to see some more large-scale products from you in the future :)


Some minor issues hold the game back, such as how when you spawn, you seem to be surrounded and inevitably take a hit whether you want to or not, but the music, the pixel art, the fluidity of the gameplay, and the sprinkling of humor make this game a real treat. I could imagine this becoming a full-fledged game with much more content in the future.

good game having a lot of fun with it, this game needs badges.