Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Its fun and all but IT IS SO UNBELIEVABLY HARD!!!! Like when you get to level 60, you get hit once or twice at the start because your already surrounded by warriors and archers (WHICH SERIOUSLY NEED TO BE NERFED.) I rate 3/5 because of those things said above.

Lol. "Creeper 2nd employee of the month"

Really good but it pisses me off that the clicks of attack aren't as precise as I bet a lot of people would want them to be So this is a love/hate game

Great game, a bit hard though, I was hoping to the final level of you turning into the boss, so you look all cool

You have a really good concept here. I love the graphics too! Hah. The music fits well. Dude, I found myself being promoted until there were no more upgrades to my being. Please add more upgrades!!!!
this is what kept me playing. lol 5/5