Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

I rarely comment on games but this was very fun and challenging, and I appreciate the level of skill involved. The pixel art style is cool and I enjoyed the animations thoroughly, especially those of the promotional and back to work cut scenes.

As a side note, as a developer and artist I was very impressed with this game and was actually equal parts pleased and amused to see a combination of thematic elements and game play mechanics that I used in a few of my own recent personal projects. Which I thought was a fun coincidence. To see them put together here though and executed in such a flawless fashion was really really cool for me personally.

In short: I love the game. Everyone who worked on this did an awesome job. And I wish you luck with all of your future endeavors.

Sincerely, Inkwarden.

P.S. (If I were to offer one suggestion that would solve a common complaint, it would be a one, at most two second delay after any cut-scene involving the boss, where the player can see the room but all objects and instances including the player object are essentially "paused". An on screen effect, or circular cooldown timer could serve as a good indicator for this stasis period. This would allow the player just enough time to size up the room and prepare to make a quick move if they're fast enough rather than being sniped by a horde of adventurers right out of the gate later on in the game. Said situation is the only criticism I have for the entire game and think that overall you did a beautiful job.)

Sorry for the long comment. Cheers.

Very well done, the game ran well with no bugs from what I saw, overall a great game!

no auto save and get nothing from a triple kill?
but still, good game

good game. don't tell me to "read the instructions in the review" though. make a tutorial. mechanics are great but i would love to undo verbal warnings though.

My highest was level 90 games pretty fun they should add another promotion when you get to level 100