Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

72 days,and it's ended up being a great game. However,on weak laptops/older PCs the memory leak are quite noticeable.

Its a fun little timewaster, but there are several technical flaws with the game that made the experience a lot less enjoyable:

1) Poor precision
Sometimes the character simply doesn't move exactly as your pointer indicates.

2) Lack of Pause/Breather
There is no pause button. And when you return from a warning or promotion, you will immediately be thrown into action even BEFORE the screen fully uncovers, so you will pretty much inevitably take a hit.

3) Slowdown Bug
This happened when I was casting one of the spells around just as I died. It caused the entire game to slow down even during the leveling/promotion/warning scenes. When I returned back to the screen, its still in slowdown until I cast another spell.

I didn't manage to get beyond level 100, I can't tell if its because that's the level cap(level 60 is when promotions end) or if the xp requirement suddenly became ridiculously high.

When your getting a promotion it looks like "REKT REKT REKT REKT" also everytime you get a promition you should make it so it resets the warnings or more warnings or 1 less warning per promotion.

Frustrating, yet addictive and quite fun. Would be nice if there were more promotions. I was looking forward to your imaginative designs and ideas for new powers via additional promotions. Still, good game.

Fun as hell time waster, and the last promotion is pretty boss. lol Too bad there aren't more levels and powers, but nontheless, nice job.